DICE Youth

DICE Youth is a joint collaborative initiative of DICE Foundation, USA and their partners in Pakistan, aimed at promoting a culture of innovation among our Youth.  With the engagement and empowerment of our youth we can solve many of our chronic communal and societal issues, such as how to keep our city & streets clean, traffic issues, a lack of basic civic sense, unhygienic drinking water, energy and water wastage, unhealthy food and eating habits, and lack of regular exercise. Along with the help of our youth who make up more then 60% of our population, we can move Pakistan towards a sustainable, independent future with a thriving economy.


To promote civic sense and culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and indigenization among youth of Pakistan


Provide a strategic platform to our youth where they can bring their ideas and innovations to empower Pakistan on multiple dimensions, including economical, social, cultural and environmental; thus making Pakistan safe, secure, stable, prosperous and efficient.

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